Some Words About Us

We are a newly opened platform that is looking to bridge the gap between nations and allow the ease of being able to find and source products for the world.

What we really do?

We help people find products wether its an item for themselves or bulk order for their business. We at 1998Yes help bring the suppliers and buyers together one sale at a time.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring the world together to buy and sell on one platform. We want it to be easy and stress free when trying to find and source your product wether its one for yourself or for your business we want you to be able to find and trust everything you get right here on 1998yes.

History of the Company

Our company was built with one thing in mind, to bridge the gap between nations when it comes to commerce. We want to help bring the world together to help the world sell to each other.

Cooperate with Us!

Join us as we disrupt the internet and bring together the world of E-Commerce

What can we do for you ?

Support 24/7

We want to try and become the best in the business. We want to keep our business running 24/7 and to go along with that we want to give our support to do the same.

Best Quality

We want our business to be known for having the best sellers on the internet. We want to give our buyers the best products they can find.

Fastest Delivery

We push to have solid and consistent ship times, no matter what part of the world you are in. We strive to push our sellers to keep the ship times down as much as possible without having to drive the price up to you the seller.

Customer Care

We want your experience with to be so unforgettable that you want to shop anywhere else. We always respect constructive criticism to help us grow as a business.

Over 200 Satisfied Customers

We have trusted buyers! People are already starting to see how great 1998yes is.. So Join us and our push to connect the world of Commerce.