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We strictly want to keep the fees low for the merchants to help both the merchants and the customers. because of what we are doing, we charge a flat fee.

Powerful tools

We use some of the latest tools to help you the merchant keep updated on how your products are doing and how your money is being made. We are consistently updating our tools as time goes on to help make your ability to run your business easier.

Support and Education

We are a newly opened business so we will be always updating and helping make the use of our platform easier for you the merchant and clients searching for orders of their next big business. Always keep a look out for Tutorials and how to guides to help you stay updated with the latest.

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Start selling for next to nothing and get great values for your efforts you are bringing new buyer. let grow with us and have fun all that 

US$ 7%

US$ 7%

Items Sold Fee

Listings are active for four months or until they sell. Once purchased, there is a small commission fee and a standard PayPal payment processing fee.

US$ 0.20 Transaction Fee

Payment Processing of US$ 0.20

Seller’s Stories

I Joined 1998yes after hearing about them from a friend. They were nice enough to give me a low rate for which I can sell my products on their site. They have been very helpful while I learned their site and how to get my products on their and selling. I would recommend them to anyone looking to find an alternative to Aliexpress, Amazon, and Ebay.

So, I was looking for other ways to sell my products online and found 1998yes. I did some research and saw they are in the infant stage of their business and I knew if I got in now I could grow as they do. I’m happy I did, I have been able to get more business not just here in the states but even in China. I realized after dealing with 1998yes that I was thinking to small and they really helped me to grow my business.